Adult & Family Learning

At Rhyl we have plenty of opportunities for parents and children to learn together through our weekly parent workshops. We encourage parents and carers to become involved with their child’s education on a regular basis. Families are invited into school each week to learn how to support their children across a range of subjects. We aim to present these in a fun, child friendly and interactive way so that everyone can become involved. Children feel proud to share their learning and develop their skills with their parents, whilst parents and carers get support in how to help their children with games and activities they can do at home. Young children and babies are welcome in these workshops.

Workshops are led by leaders, teachers and support staff who are happy to answer any questions throughout and after the workshop.


Led by Miss Martis &  Mary every Friday in the middle hall from 9-9.30 a.m
We believe that if parents enjoy maths, children will enjoy maths too. We ask families to play mathematical games with their children every week so that children can become confident mathematicians. We provide families with games and resources each week, so that they have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills.

Early Reading

Led by Maria every Tuesday in the ground floor hall from 9- 9.30am
This workshop is a great opportunity for parents and carers to join in on phonics lessons with their children. We go through letter sounds and how to reinforce good early reading practice at home with different tips and suggestions. We share different books, phrases and strategies used in school.

Year 1 and 2 Reading

Led by Sarah Davison every Thursday in the middle hall from 9-9.30am
We believe that parents are the child’s most important teacher so we support parents so that they  have confidence to support their child. In this session we provide individualised guidance depending on the child’s needs. We emphasise  the importance of talk in reading and especially asking questions which can be done in any language. Questioning and phonics skills are explicitly taught in the sessions and staff support parents with strategies, tips and ideas for reading games and opportunities at home.

Musical Learning

Led by Liz and Will with the nursery staff every Friday in the Nursery from 9-9.30am
This fun session is a great opportunity for parents and carers to see what your children have been learning during the week and to join in with stories, phonics and maths activities and songs. We focus on practical learning activities and share tips and suggestions on how to reinforce early reading and maths at home.

Stay and Play

Every day, parents in EYFS bring their child to the classroom and are welcomed to stay whilst their child settles, or to get involved with an initial morning activity such as hanging up your coat, writing your name or choosing a book. Staff are on hand for parents to ask questions or let us know any key information regarding their child.