We have an assembly every day at Rhyl. We are a multifaith school and we celebrate and respect different faiths and beliefs through our daily assemblies. Our assemblies are based around British Values, world wide news and events and celebrating our learning and achievements on a weekly basis. Each class performs an assembly once a term to which parents and carers are encouraged to attend. These take place on Thursdays at 2.50pm. Please see upcoming assembly dates for parents and carers, as well as any productions or concerts that will be taking place throughout the term:

Class Assembly dates for Autumn Term

Due to social distancing there will be no class assemblies in the Autumn term.

Assemblies will take place in class bubbles during this term and will be led by a member of the SLT or our Music Teacher. We will still cover current world events, topical issues and curriculum events as well as celebrations and supporting our children with information about hygiene and safety in school.

Production Dates

There will be no productions or concerts this term due to social distancing measures.