Rhyl Kitchen Classroom

Rhyl Kitchen Classroom is our new venue for top quality food education. This fully-equipped community kitchen is located in the heart of our food garden, allowing us to integrate our teaching and learning from ‘plot to plate’.

Photo of exterior of Rhyl Kitchen Classroom  Interior of Rhyl Kitchen Classroom

Find out more on the project website – including how to hire the building and garden for children’s parties and other events. And follow us on social media @rhylkitchen.

It was a huge team effort to build Rhyl Kitchen Classroom, involving five years of fundraising in which we raised £200,000 from scratch. Back in 2016 a group of school staff cycled from the school to the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the first phase of this epic mission.

This building enables us to take our teaching and learning to a new level. We have designed a new scheme of work that links to our Connected Curriculum and pupils will enjoy around six days of learning per academic year in this environment.

The project manager is teacher Tom Moggach, who leads on outdoor learning and food education at the school and founded the Rhyl Kitchen Classroom.

Children cooking in Rhyl Kitchen Classroom Children dicing vegetables in Rhyl Kitchen Classroom

Our vision is to provide:

  • Top quality food education to all our pupils and parents
  • A beacon of good practice in food education, sharing the kitchen as a training venue for other schools and educators
  • An opportunity for local community groups to use this fantastic resource outside of school hours