We are proud to have been awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag award as well as the London Eco schools bronze awardAt Rhyl we fully believe in being responsible global citizens who care about our immediate local and global environment. We are focused on Sustainability and ways to make the world a healthier, cleaner and greater place to live. We have a team of EcoWarriors, two per class, who are democratically chosen at the beginning of each academic year. The EcoWarriors meet at least once a half term where we will discuss key topics and plan events that will be happening in school.

Our Recent Achievements

  • We declared a climate emergency and invited Sir Keir Starmer MP to speak to the whole school.  We created art work and held an exhibition in the library
  • The Great Big Green Week – we wrote, learnt, and performed poems based on the Global Goals to raise awareness around climate change and sustainability
  • The Eco Warriors won a £1,000 sustainability fund from Veolia and are working in partnership on their current project to improve our local area
  • We have completed a survey of recycling bins in school and have reminded our classes of how to save electricity, water and paper
  • We have carried out a litter pick of the local area with our Veolia partnership

Our priorities for this year

  • To support and implement the Camden Schools Climate Charter and work towards these within our school
  • To create wild areas at our Grafton Road site as part of a biodiversity project
  • To work alongside Veolia, as a continuing partnership, to improve our local area and educate those living within it to know about the 4Rs and ways to live sustainably

Some feedback from children:

‘I like being an EcoWarrior because I want to look after the planet and it is good to show other people how to recycle and make choices about their litter’

‘I like being an EcoWarriorbecause I have done assemblies to the school about saving energy and looking after the planet’

‘I like being an EcoWarrior at Rhyl because we have great outdoor space, even though we are in London and we go outside a lot’

‘The best thing about being an EcoWarrior is knowing that you are doing good for the environment’