Parent Workshops

At Rhyl we have plenty of opportunities for parents and children to learn together through Musical Maths, Phonics and Stay and Play sessions for the Early Years as well as Maths workshops for KS1 and KS2. We also run termly classes for parents and carers to enable them to better support their children in maths and English.

This term’s parent workshops are:

Phonics daily as part of Breakfast Club

Stay and Play daily in Nursery

EYFS Reading workshop on Tuesday from 9am

Year 1-2 Reading workshop on Thursday from 9am

Year 1-3 Maths workshop on Friday from 9am

Musical Learning on Friday from 9am

Rhyl offers a variety of opportunities for adult learning through the Working Men’s College. Through WMC we currently run an ESOL class; credits towards recognised qualifications can be earned on this course, enabling parents to not only better support their children with homework, but also to assist them when applying for employment and training.

ESOL classes take place on Tuesday from 9-11.30am in the Community Room.