Parents Association

All parents and carers are members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) when their children start at the school.

The PTA supports the school by holding events and fund-raisers during the year.

2020 Annual Parents & Carers’ Survey

We would really appreciate parents and carers completing our survey about the school so that we can get your feedback about what we do well and what could be better. Please complete the survey by Friday 26 June.

Support for Parents During School Closure

During these challenging times we all know that so much time at home can, at times, be difficult for both parents and children. COVID-19 has added an extra layer of complexity to all of our lives that hasn’t been easy to navigate. At Rhyl, we always want to find ways to support our families in every way possible. With the support of Camden, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, have created two videos to support parents during the pandemic. These are presented by child psychotherapist Laverne Antrobus and both videos are clear, short and to the point on how to support you at home.

Connecting Well answers questions such as:

  • As a parent, how do you get “me” time during lockdown?
  • Has your children’s sibling rivalry taken on serious tones during lockdown?
  • How do you support an outgoing / sociable child during this period of isolation?

Coping Well answers questions and gives support regarding:

  • Parents, how are you coping under social isolation measures? You may be encountering new parenting challenges, sometimes on a daily basis.
  • Finding routine, managing screen time and getting good rest during lockdown
  • As a parent, how do you support your child through the grief?

As always, if you need any further support with home learning or life during Covid-19 please contact the school and we will be happy to help.

We welcome anyone who wants to help us to organise and run them and who would like to become involved. If you have any free time and are interested in helping our school, please let us know. There are so many valuable ways in which you can support us.

The Rhyl Primary Parent Teacher Association is a registered charity, charity number 1165898. You can view our details on the Register of Charities by clicking on the image below.