Art and Music

At Rhyl we value the partnerships we have developed within the Arts community. We make sure the children are exposed to frequent high quality musical performances and have opportunities to work with visiting artists, poets, dancers and storytellers.


  • Every year students from the Royal Academy of Music work with a composer and Rhyl pupils to create a new piece of music.
  • All children attend at least one concert each year (e.g. Kings Place, Wigmore Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall)
  • Guest musicians, representing a wide variety of musical styles, regularly perform in assemblies to all the children
  • Every year some children attend an Open Day at the London College of Creative Media (LCCM)

Recently our School Orchestra worked with composer James Redwood and then performed the piece at the Royal Albert Hall.

As well as these enriching and ongoing partnerships we also make the most of Camden Music Service’s excellent projects. These provide opportunities to sing and play with other children from across the borough.


We aim to provide artistic experiences that give our pupils unique insight into art history, creativity and culture. As part of our curriculum we have half-termly Art days where we will have a whole school focus on a skill, artist or movement. We also ensure outings, such as the National Portrait Gallery, and visits from artists continue to inspire us and develop our creative imagination.

We are thrilled to have partnered with

  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Little Hands Design
  • The London School of Mosaics