Art and Music

At Rhyl we highly value the partnerships we have developed within the Arts community. Each partnership brings a unique learning experience for our pupils, whether as individuals or as a wider collective. These partnerships have inspired our pupils to begin their own artistic or musical journey and we look forward to seeing how they develop.


Children have a weekly music lesson with our music specialist when they learn songs, explore themes from the concert or meet performers.

This year we are working on online projects and remote workshops with:

  • Aurora Orchestra
  • The Royal Academy of Music

Our school is regularly visited by guest musicians via online meetings. These musicians are often students from  The Royal Academy of Music. The Royal Academy also has a special relationship with Rhyl Primary School involving special composing projects. Last year, our School Orchestra worked with composer James Redwood and the Year 4 children wrote a short opera with composer John Webb which was performed at the Royal Albert Hall. We closely with Camden Music and  are taking part in cross-Camden projects thanks to the Music Service. These include Year 5 working on the ‘Something Special Happens’ song project and Year 1  being involved with the’ One Stuck Duck’ composing project.


We aim to provide artistic experiences that give our pupils unique insight into art history, creativity and culture. As part of our curriculum we have half-termly Art days where we will have a whole school focus on a skill, artist or movement. We also ensure outings, such as the National Portrait Gallery, and visits from artists continue to inspire us and develop our creative imagination.

We are thrilled to have partnered with

  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Little Hands Design
  • The London School of Mosaics