Camden Learning Hubs

We work in close partnership with other Camden schools. We do this to be able to share expertise, engage in schools based research projects and develop new strategies, resources and techniques across a range of subject areas. The role of a Learning Hub is to accelerate improvement and impact through the research of a group of school based professionals who work together to create a ‘Learning Community of Practice’ in the specialist area to improve pedagogy and effect change.

Hubs are led by schools and are a very important strategy for harnessing the exceptional experience, skills and talent within schools. They are developing the culture of collaborative working, creating the levers to ensure a secure and sustainable world-class school improvement system.

This year we are members of the EYFS hub, the Maths hub and the Inclusion hub.

Comments from our teachers in each hub:

“The SEND hub has been invaluable this year for the professional development of all staff. Every staff member has now taken part in registered training run by the Autism Education Trust, “Making Sense of Autism” and some staff were able to visit other Camden schools during a SEND open week to look at good SEND practice and provision. In addition, our SENDCo and Lead Teaching Assistant for Autism have worked collaboratively with SEND hub members to plan transition to secondary school for children with ASD and look at how this can be improved.”

“The focus of Mathematics Hub this year is Year 4 . We are working closely with a group of Camden schools led by Eleanor Palmer. The focus of the Joint Practice Development group has been exploring strategies to teach times tables. The teachers trialled times tables strategies and shared good practice across the network. The children also participated in a inter school Spring Slam competition. This year Rhyl came 4th place in a times tables quiz across 21 other Camden schools.”

“The Camden EYFS Hub has been a valuable experience and a good opportunity for getting ideas and sharing practice. Early Years teachers from all over Camden have come together to discuss curriculum design and innovation, how to respond to data and how to ensure children are getting a range of high quality and appropriate learning opportunities. Each participant is responsible in becoming a “subject specialist” and is to share their wealth of knowledge with the hub. Experiences within the hub has included a day seeing another setting through a “learning environment crawl” and listening and learning about leadership in the Early Years from talented and very experienced EYFS leads from the borough.