135 Cluster

The cluster was formed five years ago, initially to build a shared understanding of the new Assessment requirements but this has grown into a very effective partnership looking at wider School Improvement.  This also involves not just school leadership teams, but teaching staff, SENDCo’s, School Business Managers and Governors as well as certain Subject Leaders and class teachers.

Our agreement is of a loose partnership’ based on agreed co-operative working and managed collectively by the Head Teachers of each school, chaired by each Head in turn. The partnership has very close working relationships with Camden and Camden Learning.

Our focus so far has been on sharing examples of excellent practice, leading joint staff training sessions, developing the use of Google software and having an annual  School Review.  We have called these reviews ‘Collaborative Enquiries’.  They are led by the Head Teacher and the Camden Professional Partner plus a peer Head Teacher from one of the Cluster Schools.   The focus is something particular to each school and their School Improvement focus.  These have been incredibly valuable so far in highlighting strengths across the schools but also in identifying further areas for improvement and development.

The Cluster Head Teachers had a session in September to focus on the coming year.  We discussed sharing best practice and collaboration across the cluster as well as  pupil place planning.  SENDCos and other key school leaders will be working closely together this year to utilise expertise across the four schools and future INSET sessions with staff will be around curriculum development which each school is working on.