135 Cluster

The 135 partnership was initially formed in 2016 and is a collaborative partnership between Rhyl Community Primary school, Netley Primary School, Gospel Oak Primary School and Fleet Primary School.

Our four schools have a history of working very effectively together. Whilst each school maintains its own individual ethos, we have a clear set of shared values and a strong common purpose. Our vision is that partnership working will enable us to be both more effective and more efficient in supporting our children and families.

Our agreement is of a partnership based on agreed co-operative working and managed collectively by the Head Teachers of each school, chaired by each Head in turn. The partnership has very close working relationships with Camden and Camden Learning.

Our focus is on sharing best practise, leadership working, shared staff training and CPD and annual School Peer review.  We have called these reviews ‘Collaborative Enquiries’.  They are led by the Head Teacher and the Camden Professional Partner plus a peer Head Teacher from one of the Partnership Schools.   The focus is particular to each school and their School Improvement focus.  Not only do the collaborative enquires enable us to identify strengths across the schools but they also provide professional challenge and support in identifying further areas for improvement and development.

As a partnership, our shared values are important in defining how we will work and what we will prioritise.