What is Building Learning Power?

At Rhyl we aim to ensure that all our children are given the opportunity to develop the skills to become global citizens of the future. In order to achieve these goals we need to support our children to gain the skills they need to become lifelong learners capable of overcoming difficulties and knowing how to find solutions! BLP is about learning how to be a great learner; by building your learning power. It focuses on the individual learner and their personal attitudes towards learning. BLP is built around the 4Rs, which are:

  • Reciprocity – Self-aware, empathetic, collaborative and able to recognise boundaries
  • Resourceful – Solving problems, stewarding resources and exercising creativity
  • Resilience – Showing determination, focus and hope when facing challenges and disappointments
  • Reflective – Thoughtful, strategic and willing to revise plans

Through regular use of BLP we hope that children will:

  • Be more confident in their own ability
  • Have strategies to face difficulty
  • Learn faster and better
  • Concentrate more
  • Know how they learn – know their strengths
  • How to work independently or socially
  • What can help them learn – using resources or known information

Some things you can do at home:

  • Ask you children which 4R they are using at school
  • Ask them about the Learning Pieces they are using
  • Comment when your child uses the vocabulary at home
  • Include your child in tasks such as let’s plan a trip or a shopping list
  • Use the language of BLP – excellent collaboration, I like how you made that link
  • Ask questions such as – how would you solve this? What is your reasoning? What do you already know?
  • Involve your child in activities that show it’s good to learn how to learn – a new recipe or exercise routine
  • Welcome questions from your child
  • Encourage your child to solve things for themselves – we want them to become as independent as possible
  • Refer to the BLP vocabulary as much as you can