Speaking and Listening

Talk is a key part of our curricular experiences and we encourage children to use language and communication in a purposeful and clear way, appropriate for different occasions and which invites responsive listening. Talk partners are a part of all our lessons and children practice their speaking and listening skills in lessons as well as through drama and role play. Children have many opportunities to listen carefully to stories and discussion and to respond in different ways. We foster an ability to respect and respond to the views of other children and adults in an appropriate way.


Reading is a key skill and we want children to have a love of books as well as to become fluent and lifelong readers. We actively involve parents and carers to engage in reading with their children, both at home and at school, through enjoying and sharing books together. We have a wide range of quality resources and texts to support children’s reading. Reading is taught every day through guided reading lessons in each class


We teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme of work. Phonics teaching starts in Nursery and continues until the children are secure in applying their skills to reading. Each day the children are taught a different phonics skill, letter sound or blend and they take part in different activities to practise and consolidate the sounds they have learnt.


From when children start school, we encourage them to have a go at writing and they learn, through highly differentiated teaching, to be able to write using standard English. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught through writing and children learn to write for a range of different purposes.