At Rhyl we have excellent resources to support the children’s use of technology across the curriculum. They have opportunities to use iPads, chromebooks and laptops on a daily basis in the classroom. We have a fantastic technology room which enables all children to extend their computing skills, including the use of animation, robotics, programming and computer building.

Online safety is a key element of all our lessons at Rhyl. Children all use the internet in some form when they are out of school; computers, tablets, playstations and mobile telephones are just some of the ways they can go online. This can be very dangerous if not monitored by an adult. As well as teaching children about the risks and how to keep themselves safe, we encourage parents to talk to their children about what they are doing and how they stay safe when online.

What our children think:

“We have lots of exciting maths programs like Purplemash and Mathletics.”

“We have so many computing resources like iPads, chromebooks, iMac, Beebots, See-Saw and Scratch and we use them in different ways in lots of lessons”

“I like to stretch my imagination beyond boundaries and I can do this when I use Scratch”

Online Safety Information for Parents and Carers

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